Sunday, 7 August 2011

My crochet cushion, with crochet flowers!!

Finished my first piece!!  White on the front, green on the back. Also showing a photo of it next to the one my Mum made for me. :-)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My 'Love' plague

My first finished Granny square!!! (looks wonky but its not!)

2nd attempt!

My first practice!

My first Granny square complete!!

Right, after teaching myself how to crochet a Granny square, I am pleased to say I have finished one! It is 8 'layers' (correct term? Not sure) including the centre one.

The videos I viewed online to learn how to do this seemed to make the squares too small and tight, so I adjusted it.  The original chain to start off was 6.  Each new layer was a chain of 4. Corner chains were 4, and side chains were 2.  It has made a much more satisfactory sized piece. I will post a photo on here ASAP!  I plan to do another one the same size, but in green and make it into a cushion for my lounge.



Hey, thank you for taking the time out to view my new blog.  I am currently running two blogs simultaneously for the hobbies in my life, but due to the difference between the two areas, I have created separate blogs.

For many years now I have been into various different crafts, having been taught by my own Mum, who was taught by her own Mum. I also take pleasure in teaching my own children.  However, I have never really explored many crafts in depths, and do not appear to be especially 'arty'!! (I didn't inherit that talent unfortunately!).  I have invested a lot of time, effort and money into card making, only to discover that I lack the necessary skills and imagination to create truly unique cards.

But I do seem to have a talent for needlework, I can use a sewing machine, and I thoroughly enjoy cross-stitch.  But I am only a very basic knitter, cannot crochet, or do lace-making, so have decided to make it my mission to teach myself how to do it!!! I hate the idea that these skills may be lost and not passed down to the next generation.  So I will endeavour to make sure that I can teach my own children.

Along the way I will share my experiences of my new crafts, with 'first attempt' photos, and 'finished piece' photos.  I am planning on learning how to do the following:

  • crochet
  • knitting (more than garter and purl stitches!)
  • jewellery making
  • tile mosaics
  • lace making
My other blog is following my ongoing quest to redecorate my house! It is in a state of disrepair and needs a fair amount of redecorating.  But I am undertaking all work on my own, with limited time and a limited budget.  To follow this blog, look up

I hope that you enjoy following my blogs!